Labor Education & Life Centre, Labor Affairs Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government

Introduction to the Premises​​​​​​​
I. Shihjia Hostel
II. Kaohsiung Museum of Labor
III. Fengshan Museum of Labor Culture
IV. Chengching Lakefront Resort and the Auditorium

Future Outlook
Labor Education & Life Centre will continue to provide labor and the public rich and diverse lifelong learning pipelines, deepen labor knowledge, establish the resource integration distribution platform for labor education in Kaohsiung City, cultivate syntrend (creation, innovative, and entrepreneurship), increase productivity, and promote the city's economic growth.

Shih-Jia Hall

Labor University

Promotion of Labor Lifelong Learning and Cultivation of Life Aesthetics

In Labor University, all kinds of labor education, training, and study are integrated to enhance course quality of related labor training, expand service levels of education and training, and provide labors in Kaohsiung City multiple learning environments. In curriculum planning, there are two areas- "Labor Institute" and "Labor Affairs Department," with three months for a period, four periods a year.

I. Labor Institute:

Life aesthetics, skills, and health care courses are focused. ​​​​​​​

II. Labor Affairs Department

Labor affairs, labor decrees, and related knowledge affairs are focused.

Chengching Hall

Kaohsiung Museum of Labor

Seeing the value of labor culture.

Kaohsiung Museum of Labor re-opening on July 25, 2015 is the first and only one labor-themed museum in Taiwan, in which the collection, study, save, and maintenance work related to national labor issues is conducted. Besides, creative interactive shows, educational activities, convenience services, activities for community cohesion, and labor culture saving are continuously held.

Shih-Jia Hall

​​​​​​​Shihjia Hostel

Venue Rental and Accommodation​​​​​​​

Close to Asia New Bay Area, Kaohsiung City, Shihjia Hostel is beside Shihjia MRT Station, in Labor Park, now providing labor accommodation and rental of premises and gradually moving towards the development of the "youth vocational development base." The architectural appearance is refurbished and equipment is added inside the building in response to service transformation, leading Shihjia Hostel to become more fashionable, novel, and lively.

Chengching Hall

IV. Chengching Lakefront Resort and the Auditorium​​​​​​​

Chengching Lakefront Resort and the Auditorium is located next to Cheng Ching Lake with the beautiful scenery. Since the end of 2015, Huacheng Development Co., Ltd. is commissioned for management and a four star hotel will be built. Stay tuned.

Shih-Jia Hall

III. Fengshan Museum of Labor Culture​​​​​​​

Since January 1, 2015, Labor Education & Life Centre takes over Fengshan Museum of Labor Culture which is located in a two-story single building of Youth Park, Fengshan District, in which professional ability enhancement, labor aesthetics cultivation, and lifelong learning is promoted with core service value to provide the public more diverse courses and convenient learning places.

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